Blax Hair Elastics stretch 3-4 times their length without breaking

From the start, it was my intention to carry an assortment of high quality and natural hair tools and products. First I looked into the hair brush segment and I realized, here is an enormous market I know absolutely nothing about. To invest in the perfect and unique hair brush simply needed a knowledge I had no possibility to gain. I wouldn’t know where to start! There were too many skilled people out there, knowing everything worth knowing about the brush market. Too many first class brushes were already discovered and successfully launched.

But there was an ocean of other hair gimmicks and gadgets. Rollers, dryers, bands, clips, hair ornaments. They all presented the same problem: Could I trust the quality? Could I trust to get as few complaints as I was used to?

So I still sell nothing but BLAX, this unique hair band, not ecological but close enough. BLAX snag free hair elastic has everything you can demand and expect from a basic hair elastic. During my nine years as an exclusive distributor for northern countries and Balticum I have had less complaints than I have fingers. Many people tell me the reason is, that you don’t bother to complain about hair elastics. They represent such a little value so if they break or tear or behave in a way you don’t expect, then you just throw them away.

I don’t believe in the small value theory. I believe BLAX snag free hair elastics are the best in the world!

One of these days maybe I will find some products, that match BLAX.