When I started to import BLAX® hair elastics back in 2009 I told myself, this is just for fun, a lovely experience and an adventure – like a holiday. The new project would also serve as a perfect energy booster and an interlude in my writing activities.

Suddenly and before I knew it, I had become an exclusive distributor of BLAX snag free hair elastics for Nordic countries and Balticum. After just a few weeks there was absolutely no time for writing articles on beauty and lifestyle.

I knew nothing about freights, import specifications, duties, tracking numbers, lead time and fact sheets. Too late for second thoughts. I had to get in, head first.

Just everybody I contacted seemed to want to sell or buy BLAX snag free hair elastics. As a freelance journalist, I knew most people within the Scandinavian hair business. This was my force, I soon realized. And all my collegues, the beauty editors,  wrote about BLAX. The elastic has been in fashion, hair, health and lifestyle magazines again and again all over Scandinavia. The magic elastic has also been praised in numerous blogs.

I got my first package of BLAX from Joekim, the earlier owner of Salon Oops! in Copenhagen. It was Joekim who encouraged me to contact BLAX and start importing and selling BLAX snag free elastics in Scandinavia.

The BLAX success was almost immediate and no doubt thanks to Joekim.