In a very short time the sales of BLAX snag free elastics went sky high  and all the time I feared somebody would produce a hair elastic as good as BLAX – or better. Yet I was struck by total panic, when one day I heard about an elastic with a website almost identical with BaBa Blax Sheep.

I contacted a lawyer, specializing in protection of registered design . She wanted me to go through the website together with her. For every claim I felt was taken directly from BaBa Blax Sheep and BLAX she responded: can you imagine any other way of marketing a hair elastic? Surely one must emphasize qualities as snag free, elasticity, strength and what else, tell me? There are clearly limits how to describe and sell a hair elastic, don’t you agree? If I write them a letter today forcing them to change their website we feed their belief, they will be convinced they are on to something real big.

She continued:

if I were you I would lean back and take a deep breath. Let time tell if this is a threat to your BLAX elastic or if this is just another elastic, any elastic. There were thousands of elastics before BLAX and there will be thousands after BLAX. Only the best wins and stays.

I calmed down and soon the storm was over. Nowadays I feel quite safe when I see and hear about yet another copy. If a copy as good comes around, then BLAX original snag free hair elastics will survive. After more than 25 years on the world market BLAX is a well established brand and satisfied customers will settle for nothing less. They will continue to buy BLAX.