From the start, it was my intention to carry an assortment of high quality and natural hair tools and products. First I looked into the hair brush segment and I realized, here is an enormous market I know absolutely nothing about. To invest in the perfect and unique hair brush simply needed a knowledge I […]


In a very short time the sales of BLAX snag free elastics went sky high  and all the time I feared somebody would produce a hair elastic as good as BLAX – or better. Yet I was struck by total panic, when one day I heard about an elastic with a website almost identical with […]


When I started to import BLAX® hair elastics back in 2009 I told myself, this is just for fun, a lovely experience and an adventure – like a holiday. The new project would also serve as a perfect energy booster and an interlude in my writing activities. Suddenly and before I knew it, I had […]


My family and my friends were skeptical when they heard about my BLAX business plans. Almost every day somebody wise warned me to get involved and invest anything at all in a snag free, unknown hair elastic, produced In Japan. In fact most people laughed when i told them about BLAX snag free hair elastics. […]