BLAX XL Clear hair elastics - Extra Hold

For thick hair, high and low ponytails, double braids, bouncy buns and knots, chic chignons, loose set ups, messy movements and volume curls, tossed and textured tangles. For a super smooth wet look and extensions.
For all styling that demands solid and long lasting stability.

For several years now my professional hair stylers have requested a stronger and steadier BLAX. Now XL is here and only available from
BaBa Blax Sheep.

6 elastics/ 6 mm
Available in CLEAR
59-79 kr, € 7-8

Blax XL Clear box
Blax Models 1
Blax Models 2
Blax Models 3

The original blax hair elastics

8 elastics/ 4 mm
Limited edition: OCEAN-ACQUA
59-79 kr. € 7-8

WHY BLAX hair elastics

  • Stretch iconBLAX stretch 3-4 times their size without loosing elasticity
  • Thermometer iconBLAX never become loose in the heat or brittle when cold
  • Wave iconBLAX neither break in wet hair or in water
  • Spa iconBLAX are ideal for sports and spa
  • Run iconBLAX stay put even when severely strained and last for ever
  • Untangle iconBLAX glide off without tangling
Barbara Enander

BLAX hair elastics are
a blessing!

I have worked with and written about beauty in Scandianvia and Europe since I left the University of Journalism in Gothenburg ages ago. I have tested thousands of products from everyday necessities to the fabulously glamorous.

Every now and then I have come across a product with unique qualities – like BLAX. Since the day I got the first package from my Danish hairdresser I have used nothing else. I started importing BLAX and became the sole distributor for Nordic countries.
Today i am also an European distributor.

For my fine hair BLAX are a blessing! When removed they glide off without pulling a single strand of my precious hair.
I do declare, BLAX are the best hair elastic in the world.

Barbara Enander - SignatureBarbara Enander

Blax hair elastics

BLAX orginate from Japan and are made of superstrong, reusable polyurethane in one single piece without metal joints or "seams".

BLAX are certfied by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class - one of the most severe product tests methods in the world. BLAX are moreover approved by the Japanese Health and Welfare.

BLAX come in a paper package, 18pt CIS Cover with SFI and PEFC certificate. The ink is soyabased and the AQ (the matt surface) is waterbased. All together these factors create an extremely low VOC (indicator of effect on surroundings). The lower VOC the healthier and more environmentally friendly the product is.

BLAX colour pigments, like PINK and OCEAN, are the same dyes used by one of the world's leading doll producers.

confidence in textiles

Blax hair elastics - HARMLESS AND SNAG-FREE

BLAX stay exactly where you put them for the whole day. When removed, they glide off without tugging or tangling or pulling your hair.

BLAX don’t hurt when you lie or sleep in them and they don’t harm your hair.

BLAX star qualities make them ideal for toddlers and people with sensitive hair.

Danish Hårklinikken, represented all over the world, has sold and recommended BLAX since the hair elastic was introduced in Scandinavia in 2009

Blax Pack


BLAX hair elastics started as a must have among professionals in US and Europe. Mention BLAX and every trendy hair creator, salon and stylist knew the tool.

2009 BLAX was introduced in Scandinavia and since then, in this part of the world, over half a million packages are sold from hair salons, webshops, cliniques and boutiques.
And now BLAX XL, specially made for BaBa Blax Sheep, is launched.


BLAX hair elastics has been highly praised and received lots of write-ups in Scandinavian beauty press and blogs.
BLAX hair elastics don't look like much but once you have tried them, you will use nothing else.
BLAX - the original - has become the ultimate hair accessory for girls of all ages with just enough hair to pull back.


Here you can download BaBa Blax Sheep’s website photos

Distributor for Europe: BaBa Blax Sheep, Strandvejen 204, 3070 Snekkersten, Denmark | CVR: DK-12917341 |